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Eladták az összes holmijukat, hogy körbeutazhassák a világot

Eladták az összes holmijukat, hogy körbeutazhassák a világot

Imádja új életformáját a két éve úton levő pár.
f Ajánlom

Noami és Dusting Grevemberg belefáradtak a hagyományos értelemben vett életbe, mindketten többre vágytak. Két évvel ezelőtt a pár eladta minden holmiját, kilépett a munkájából, vettek egy furgont és útra keltek. Azóta vissza sem néznek, csak utaznak keresztül-kasul a világban.

„Szükségünk volt arra, hogy egy kicsit felrázzuk magunkat, és egy utazás pont alkalmas erre. Nagy kihívást jelentett számunkra, kikényszerített minket a komfortzónánkból. Olyan perspektívát adott számunkra, amilyet korábban nem találtunk az életünkben.”

Persze sok lemondással is jár ez az életforma. Noamiék maguk mögött hagyták a szeretteiket, a megszokott életüket, a tárgyaikat, ami viszont nagyobb céltudatosságot eredményezett.

„Amikor ezt az életstílust választottuk, azt éreztük, többre vágyunk. Azt akartuk megtudni, hogy mi  a legmegfelelőbb, legideálisabb számunkra, amitől életre kelünk. Úgy találtuk, hogy a kevesebb néha tényleg több, és ez nem csak egy klisé.”

A pár útja során kapcsolatot teremtett más fiatalokkal is, akik szintén „digitális nomádok”, azaz online munkát végeznek, és képesek bárhová eljutni a világban, amennyiben ott is van internet.

„Az utazás egyik legnagyobb előnye az, hogy szereztünk néhány nagyon fontos kapcsolatot olyan emberekkel, akik segítettek abban, hogy megtudjuk, ki is vagyunk, és ösztönöztek a változásra, megújulásra.”

We heard about a rural province in SE Vietnam where there are thousands of ancient Khmer temples. Turns out, very few travelers make it this far and almost no one here speaks English. Well, hooray for us and what luck!!! We found the only AirBnB in town and the host just happens to speak English fluently. He offered to be our personal tour guide and has taken us to visit many of the ancient pagodas, most of which are not on any map and we’ve had them all to ourselves, with exception of a few monks. To top it off, our host has been giving us private Vietnamese lessons. Today we were able to order our food correctly, without the help of a translator app. Food sure tastes better when you’re not stressed. Sometimes the universe knows exactly what, or in this case who, you need. 🙏

Dustin & Noami & Irie 🚐💨 (@irietoaurora) által megosztott bejegyzés,

For the past two years we’ve worked in numerous cities, coffee shops, libraries, parking lots, National Parks, forests, deserts, roadside pull-outs, farms, river banks, hostels, countries... This photo may seem dreamy, but our life as digital nomads isn’t all sunshine and sandals. We may have traded our desk chairs for hammocks, but finding a work-life balance is always a challenge. The constant process of change has become our teacher. We’ve allowed ourselves to develop nomadic routines and rules which have helped ground us. We follow and adjust as needed. Change in our environment has fueled our work and sparked our creativity. We’re currently working on some exciting stuff. We’ll be sharing with you guys soon. #stoked

Dustin & Noami & Irie 🚐💨 (@irietoaurora) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Dustin and I spent New Years weekend at a campground in a beautiful valley. We had a spot right next to the river. Everyday we sat in our little nook and watched families go about their day. Children playing, swimming, & riding bikes. Dads teaching their kids to fish and kayak. We observed a little girl learning to use her legs for the first time, with one determined foot in front of the other, a new journey began. It was incredible! It made us wonder, what kind of world do we want for a child of our own? A world filled with love and peace, of course. Where we spread kindness and compassion, and seek beauty in everyone. A world where they can nurture their passions and freely express themselves. To have the kind of world we want for our children, we have to let go of the limiting beliefs we were taught. Life can be hard, friends. It requires long-term commitments that involve sacrifice, devotion, pain, frustration, and a strong mindset. But the most challenging part is starting. Let 2018 be that year. Let’s do the damn thing! Happy New Year friends! 🎉 ❤️ #HopefulFor

Dustin & Noami & Irie 🚐💨 (@irietoaurora) által megosztott bejegyzés,

It’s Christmas morning in Australia. We’re lying in the van listening to the rain drumming on our tin roof. It’s quite a change from last Christmas. For those of you just joining us, last Christmas morning we were about to embark on a cross country ski trip when Irie decided to blow up. She blew a head gasket and we spent the entire day trying to get a tow from the middle of nowhere winter wonderland. It was so cold everything froze, all our food and the 12 gallons of water in our tank. Even our phones kept crashing... We spent the next two weeks putting Irie back together in a blizzard. This was by far the lowest of lows in our vanlife. But the part of this story that truly matters is the kindness of strangers. The friend who offered up her couch and let us borrow her truck to drive into town almost daily for parts and tools. The kind old lady who let us park Irie under her carport, helped us wrap it in painters cloth, and gave us a fire pit and an unlimited supply of fire wood so we wouldn’t freeze to death as we worked. She even brought us cheese and coffee to lift our spirits. It’s the season of giving, y’all. Keep this in mind, we don’t remember days, we remember moments, and the greatest gift you can give is yourself and the gift of kindness. In the end that’s what will be remembered.

Dustin & Noami & Irie 🚐💨 (@irietoaurora) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Irie: powerful and pleasing; a state of feeling great. ~ As nomads we lead very simple lives. Our adventure is the most precious thing we have. We drive with no destination and without expectation. We have just two of everything, two forks, two plates, two cups. Sleeping under millions of stars is medicine for our souls & waking up to waves crashing is like a mantra. Nature embraces us everyday and teaches us how to embrace ourselves. We meet other travelers, we share clothes, food, love. We may see each other again, we may not. And sometimes, we just know we will. But the beauty of this lifestyle isn’t whether we will or won’t. It’s about the Irie vibes we leave behind. ❤️✌🏽

Dustin & Noami & Irie 🚐💨 (@irietoaurora) által megosztott bejegyzés,


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