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Pár napja tett ki magáról Farkasházi Réka egy bikinis fotót, azt írta mellé, hogy sokat gondolkodott, kitegye-e, hiszen 40 éves lesz nemsokára. A színésznő egyébként szuperül néz ki, de ha nem nézne kis szuperül, akkor is azt mondanánk, hogy vegyen fel bikinit, és ti is vegyetek bikinit bátran. Összeszedtem az Instagramról néhány átlagos testű nőt, akik bikinit húztak. 



“I wish I had your confidence.” That's probably the number one comment I get. Confidence comes from compassion. In my experience you don't go straight from self hate to self love. In between there, in the trenches of the journey, there's a lot of compassion. Compassion for the things you perceive as flaws, compassion for the things that haven't quite worked out, compassion for the negative self talk, compassion for the amount of time it will take, compassion for the moments when it hurts the most, and compassion for the woman you will become. Give me a ???????? if you will try a little compassion for yourself! Just do you babes Xoxo Allie _______ Swimsuit by @swimsuitsforall _______ #plussize #plusisequal #plussizebikini #plussizeswimwear #bopo #bodypos #bodypositive #glitterstripes #bodyconfidence #effyourbeautystandards

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Happy Saturday babes!! I wanted to welcome all the new babes that are here and say that I'm so happy you're here. My name is Allie and I'm a mommy to two cute toe-heads and a pup, wifey to my high school sweet heart and lover of the beach. As you can tell, I spend a LOT of time in swimwear, confidently living in my size 16/18 body. But it hasn't always been this way. I spent most of my adolescence as an overweight, shy teen trying to avoid any situation that pushed me outside my comfort zone or put me in front of people. I worked desperately hard to lose weight at the age of 14, when I began my first diets, restricted eating and over exercising habits. I equated happiness to thinness. That once I was able to fit into hollister jeans I'd be the popular outgoing girl I thought I wanted to be. For 12 years I spent my existence completely consumed by my size. Fluctuating 100 pounds over the decade. Constantly comparing myself to others and never feeling enough or worthy. Even as a size 2/4 on my wedding and honeymoon, I could only see my perceived flaws. After the birth of my daughter in 2012 I had visions of her growing up and looking exactly like me. I verbally said that I wished that she wouldn't look like me. And at that moment I realized that I needed to change…not only for myself, but for my entire family- especially my children. And so I took the first steps to trying to find myself again, uncover my purpose, and retrain my mind to see beauty instead of imperfection. Over the course of the next 3 years I poured myself into the self help section of the book store, attended seminars, paid for expensive online courses, and began my spiritual journey. I constantly pushed myself to do exactly the things that scared me most, and the more times I immersed myself into the things I had been avoiding, it became my new normal. Now I spend my days inspiring women to live in their truths through my social media, exclusive online self love incubator, publications, speaking, and now children's books! If you need any tools, I have plenty of goodies: just follow the link in my profile! (Everything is $10 or less!) Tell me something about you below! Just do you! Xoxo

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Bikini body recipe: put bikini on body. Done! #nofilter #noshame #bikinibody #plussizebikini #getinthewater #allsizes #curvygirl

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