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Anyukák szülés után megmutatják a testüket

Anyukák szülés után megmutatják a testüket

Nem modellek, nem fitneszguruk, anyukák szülés után mutatják meg a testüket.
f Ajánlom

Szülés után nem könnyű az anyukáknak, mert azonnal tökéletesnek kell lenniük, pár óra múlva már karcsúnak, boldognak és fittnek – legalábbis sokszor ezt sugallják a médiumok, vagy éppen a többi nő, kismama, a férjek. Az Instagramról válogattam most szülés utáni képeket: vannak között fitneszkismamák és olyanok is, akik bátran megmutatják a nem feszes hasukat.


#reality #mombody after #fivekids #2months #postpartum A LOT HARDER to claim my #body back ???????? but #slowprogressisstillprogress

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This one's going to be a Transformation Tuesday AND a Throwback Tuesday post! ???? . In August of 2015 I didn't think it was possible to have a transformation worth sharing with just 30 minutes of workouts a day. . Y'all…for the previous year and a half I was at the gym for HOURS when I didn't have Tyler and then for about 30-45 minutes when he was with me. It was a struggle. . I only knew of gym workouts. I looked up workouts and I paid for workouts from online trainers that I followed and loved. When I got those workout plans I thought…aaaaaand how long is this supposed to take?! ???? . When I learned that it was possible to focus on nutrition and workout 30 minutes a day I was skeptical. REAL skeptical. But I gave it a shot. . This was my first ever round of 21 Day Fix Extreme. I followed it to a T. I ate the right amount of containers every single day – and was never hungry. I worked out HARD in those 30 minutes…she still kicks my ass when I do a 21DFX workout. I gave it my ALL and this was the result. . Say whaaaaaat?! Here's where I became a Beachbody Lifer. This shit does work..if you work for it! . WINNNNNNING!!! ???? . . . . #mombod #workingonmyself #strongmama #mombody #activemom #intentionalworkouts #motherhoodthroughinstagram #unitedinmotherhood #liveauthentic #momlife #boymom #furmama #mamasboy #thesimplelife #ig_motherhood #unitedmotherhood #mytinymoments #momswithmuscle #bloggermom #vegasmom #vegasliving #teachermom #teacherlife #busymomlife #boymomlife #realmomsofinstagram #TransformationTuesday #weightlosssupport #transformation #realresults

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The picture on the left is my before picture, before using any wraps. The one on the right is my after of using 3 wraps, i did use defining gel on the days i wasnt wrapping. Ive been staying away from salty food (my total down fall) and drinking alot of water. Summer is right around the corner, and after having my daughter 8 months ago its pretty important to me i feel comfortable in my skin???? #comfortable #happybody #loveyourself #sweatpants #beforeandafter #happylife #mombody #lol #tummytuesday #bodyappreciation #summer #change #weightloss

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::Transformation Tuesday:: If this is what a week of prepping (cleaning up my diet & getting my mindset right) does for my #mombody I can't wait to see what the next few weeks hold!!! Food is a powerful source of energy for you. It can make or break you. So much of my story stems from the changes I've made to what I eat on a day to day basis. After being pregnant and letting some of my old habits sneak back in, it really proved to me just how powerful food really is. Pre pregnancy I weighed 141 pounds. The day I gave birth to my son I weighed 215 ???? while I ate healthy during pregnancy, I enjoyed myself too (clearly). It's time to take back my body and get back to what made me feel so good, inside and out. Start small. Focus on eating fresh foods! We are leading into a season of fruits and veggies that will give you the energy you crave!!! If I can do it living the #newbornlife you can do it too!!! #mommin #postpartumbody #postpartumjourney #3weeksandcounting

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