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Szülés után: ennyiféleképpen tud kinézni az anyukák hasa

Szülés után: ennyiféleképpen tud kinézni az anyukák hasa

Anyatest hashtag alatt egyre több anyuka tesz fel magáról, a szülés utáni testéről fotókat az Instagramra.
f Ajánlom

Én mindenkit csodálok, aki feltesz magáról fürdőruhás képet bármilyen közösségi oldalra. Teljesen mindegy, hogy csúcshasizma van, vagy éppen nem, irigylem, hogy vállalja, szereti, amije van. Legalábbis nem foglalkozik azzal, hogy mit gondolnak róla meg a testéről mások. Az Instagramról válogattam most szülés utáni képeket: vannak közöttük fitneszkismamák és olyanok is, akik bátran megmutatják a nem feszes hasukat. 

Yes I'm not skinny, Yes I'm over weight, Yes my health could improve if i lost a few kilos, Yes I have a baby pouch, Yes I have stretch marks, Yes I have saggy bits, Yes I have cellulite ....etc But this body had done amazing things! It has grown, nutured, housed and protected a baby. It has helped feed that baby. It has been cut in half to ensure that baby arrived in this world safely. It has taken me around the world. It has been there with me through the good and the bad times. It has enabled me to do things I never thought possible. It protects me even when I have not protected it. It never judges me, yet I often judge it. I am proud of my Mumma Body! And I refuse to wear a One Piece Swimsuit just because I had a child. Yes I may one day make improvements to my health which might change it, but right now I should not be ashamed of it. #bodypositive #mumbody #mombody #mumlife #deathtotheonepiece #noshame #babyfat #babybody #proudofmybody #proudmum

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My #postpartumjourney so far - #oneweekpostpartum ⬆️🤷‍♀️ letting the body do its thang - stepped on the scale today & weighed in at 160.5, which is pretty sweet! I was 182.5 at my last prenatal appointment at #39weekspregnant 🙌 20 lbs down! Pre-pregnancy weight was 145 but I know it takes time to get there, so no rush. I've been doing pelvic floor exercises (see previous post for video) & that's it. Giving myself more time to heal after this #pregnancy 💙 . . The night sweats have started which are one of my most hated #postbaby symptoms 😩 the major hair loss hasn't started yet, thank God! 🙏 I'm sure it won't be long tho🙈 What were your worst post baby symptoms?! I tend to block these things out and forgot what they were like! 😳Overall things are going well. . . Tanner goes to his first check up on Tuesday so hopefully he is gaining weight. All this boy does is eat, sleep & poo so I'm sure he is gaining, but you never really know. He lost his belly button stub yesterday, which seems wayyy soon but it looks good so I guess it's fine🤷‍♀️ Hubby goes back to work tomorrow, & the toddlers back to school, so it will be just me and bubs for the week. I'm looking forward to sleeping & more sleeping 😴😆 #sleepwhenthebabysleeps He is a happy & sweet little man 💙(debating filling your feed with itty bitty baby pix... there is nothing to post since this mama is down for the count for a few weeks!!) 🙈😜 Repost from @babybelly_to_sixpack . . . . 🤰🏻▶️👗 Get into shape faster after pregnancy with Mothershape postpartum wear. - 🌎Free Worldwide Shipping - (10% off code: insta10) Shop: MOTHERSHAPE.COM 👈

POSTPARTUM MOTHERSHAPE (@postpartum) által megosztott bejegyzés,

@hawkfitnessapparel sent me some #zerofucksgiven gear💕it's kinda my life motto so I kinda had too😁

Summers VonHesse (@socalsummers) által megosztott bejegyzés,

REPOST @stopcensoringmotherhood “And however long it takes for my body to journey back to where it was once were then that's fine... I know it'll find it's way until then I'll continue to be kind knowing that it's doing exactly what it needs to be doing right now...” Repost @imumzone ・・・ {NEW MUM CHRONICLES} ~~ Getting back to your before baby body can actually take time. Don't expect magic in one week... #goodmorning ・・・ Thank you for sharing @denupzter - Remember my first naked belly pregnant shot where I had to build up enough courage to share... Well times that by like a million for this post belly shot comparison. . The first image was taken hours before Levi was born and the second taken today at 3 weeks postpartum but I like to think 2 weeks since the first week of postpartum didn't really happen due to a large chunk of my placenta being forgotten in my uterus at birth. . One of the main reasons I share this, as most of you know, THIS is a marathon/dancer's body and while that can mean I'll bounce back in no time it clearly doesn't. Especially now too that my body is producing all of Levi's food... . I really do admire all the mamas out there that say breastfeeding get their bodies back in shape... For me it'll take me back on the trails for some long distance running to feel like myself again. . Yesterday, I was asked by the baker at my supermarket: "Are you having a girl or a boy?" and that would have really hit some soft spots/nerves with me...I mean I'm not pregnant anymore but I sure do look it... instead I smiled and nicely said I had a boy. 😊 After I left the supermarket I realised I absolutely love my body and am so super proud of it hence the reason I chose to share this post image with you. . And however long it takes for my body to journey back to where it was once were then that's fine... I know it'll find it's way until then I'll continue to be kind knowing that it's doing exactly what it needs to be doing right now for me and for Levi! . #bopo #bodypositive #takebackpostpartum #fourthtrimester #motherhoodtabutiful #motherhoodrising #motherhood #pregnancy #birth #postpartumbody #postpartum #empoweredbirthproject #tribedemama

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✨Never give up on a dream just because of the time it may take to accomplish it✨ - Regaining time, sleep, energy and motivation after having a baby can take a long time. In fact, it was two years after having my second child that I finally decided I had enough of all of these things to be able to chase my fitness dream. I knew it was a long road ahead - I had no exercise experience, I was unfit and my diet needed a serious overhaul. BUT it didn’t stop me. I took one workout at a time, one day at a time and one week at a time. Eventually those weeks turned into months and then into years! - If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey don’t focus on the long road ahead, just focus on the now! After all, the time will pass anyway 💚 . . . . . . . . . . . #workingmom #workingonmyself #workouttobehealthy #bodypositivity #inspo #postpartumbody

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