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Ezentúl nemcsak fekete-fehérben nézheteik meg a meztelen jógás csaj szuper fotóit, hanem színesben is.
2017. 04. 15. |

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f Ajánlom

Nude Yoga Girl, vagyis a meztelen jógás nő már egy ideje csodás fotókat posztol nagyon híres Instagram-oldalára. Nyilván a meztelen jóga műfaja baromira érdekli az embereket, bennünket is. Korábban csak fekete-fehér képeket tett fel magáról a több mint félmillió követővel büszkélkedő meztelen jógás csaj. Féltem, hogy a színes képek nem lesznek majd annyira szépek, mint a  fekete-fehérek, de szerencsére nagyon klasszak ezek a fotók is.

I'm used to live in uncertainty. I think many of us do because of different reasons: money situations, diseases, temporary work, no work... I mainly because of places where I'm living/working and traveling. For the last ten years I've lived month by month almost all the time - many times day by day too. People may think how exciting when your future is so open, when anything can happen. Yes, I like it mostly too and it was my choice. ❤ But I can tell it's also annoying and worrying sometimes because you never know where you're going to be and it's hard to plan anything with others. It's also always packing, actually many times I'm unpacking and packing again at the same time. And it's not easy to make a home and routines and friends when you don't spend enough time for that. ❤ I try to enjoy situations and mostly I think "It's not like this for an eternity." I guess?! But today I got reminded that sometimes I just have to make decisions, like in the morning when I booked flight tickets for this weekend. I thought about this already for weeks: Where I'm going and when, for how long I'm going to stay etc.. This takes a lot of energy and time especially because I change my mind all the time. ❤ Making decisions is a good skill. I think things happen when the time is right and we can trust also the unknow. But I can't be passive. Usually I listen to my intuition and trust what it says. But sometimes it says nothing, like today. I don't know if I made a good decision but I think the main thing was to make one. Now I feel good because I don't have to think anymore about what to do. Maybe we just have to make decisions even if we aren't 100% sure?! ❤️

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